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Radharc: A Journal of Irish and Irish-American Studies is an academic journal produced by Glucksman Ireland House NYU.  Radharc (phonetically, "rye-arc") is Irish for "range of vision."

First published in 2000, Radharc publishes new research presented at Glucksman Ireland House.  Over four published issues, it has printed scholarly studies of Ireland, Irish America and the global Irish Diaspora, our annual Ernie O'Malley Lecture, and interviews of interest to the field of Irish Studies.  Radharc is a peer-reviewed journal with an editorial board of scholars in Irish Studies.  It is headed by Prof. Joe Lee, edited by Dr. Marion R. Casey, supported by Glucksman Ireland House NYU and its administrative staff, and currently published by Wordwell Books of Ireland.

For tables of contents and ordering information, please click the images below:

Radharc 1 (2000)

Radharc 2 (2001)

Radharc 1

Radharc 2

Radharc 3 (2002)

Radharc 4 (2003)

Radharc 3

Radharc 4

 Radharc, volumes 5-7 (2004-2006)
 With volume 8, Radharc became American Journal of Irish Studies in 2011.


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