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Oral History of Irish America Project

While the long term goal of the Ireland House Oral History Project is to record the experiences of a wide range of people Irish-American ancestry in order to capture a cross section of memories, the immediate purpose in its initial stages was to interview those who have made, or are making, key contributions in the areas of culture, education, religion, media, business, government, and the professions.  As part of an individual's life history, these interviews focus on how (or indeed if) one's experience has been influenced by, or influenced, a sense of ethnic identity.  The project aims to enhance our knowledge and understanding of a phenomenon that becomes increasingly elusive beyond the first generation immigrant, but which remains hugely important for the understanding of America.

To hear excerpts from the Ireland House Oral History Collection, click here.

Recordings from the oral history collection are used to illuminate the Irish-American experience through a href="/page/ohp.podcasts">a series of podcasts produced by project co-director Linda Dowling Almeida on topics ranging from Irish immigration reform to Irish step dancing.

Telling Our Irish Stories is an Oral History Project program welcoming community members to record a conversation with a loved one. Trained oral history staff are present to assist. A copy of each recording is added to the Archives of Irish America NYU. This project is currently on hiatus until additional funding can be located to facilitate it. If you would like to support this worthy project, please contact Assistant Director Anne Solari.