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Internal-NYU Space Rental Information

Information about space reservation for groups within New York University only. 

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 Ground level:
 101 - "Dining Room"
· Seating for 12-14 people around 4 x 12-ft table.
· Table may be used as a buffet or bar.
· Accommodates 20 people standing or seated in rows.
· Available AV equipment includes audio system, overhead projector, data projector & screen.
 $300  $600
 Ground level: 
 102 - "Main Room"
· Accommodates 45 people standing or seated in rows.
· Podium with mic.
· Available AV equipment includes audio system, overhead projector, data projector & screen.
 $300  $600
 Ground level: 
 Combination 101 + 102
· Sliding doors between rooms 101 and 102 open to form an L-shape configuration.
· L-configuration accommodates 65-75 people standing or seated in rows with speaker located at intersection of two rooms.
· Suitable for presentation in 102 & reception in 101.
 $600  $1000
 Lower level:
 B01, B02, B03
 Sitting or Reception Rooms

· Accommodates 30 people standing.
· Scattered armchairs.
· Dining table for buffet/bar.
· Video projection of upstairs podium room available, use as overflow space.

 $300  $600
 101 + 102 + B01-B03
 "Whole House"
(excludes second floor administrative office)
· See above for description of all rooms.
· Suitable for gathering of about 65-75 people standing or seated in rows upstairs with catering or refreshments in lower level rooms.
 $800  $1,400


1. Reservations will only be accepted when internal space needs for the semester are finalized. An NYU account number must be provided on the reservation form for the reservation to be recognized.

2. All reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance. Once a reservation is confirmed all other requests for that date and time are denied. Therefore, in the event of a cancellation occurring less than one month prior to the event, the total fee will be charged.

3. Rental fees are assessed on basis of half-day (four hour period) or full day (eight hour period).

4. Security fee: an officer from NYU Protection Services must be present for the duration of events held outside normal business hours (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm) to protect the property and fulfill liability. The current rate is $32 per hour. This charge is in addition to the rental fee and cannot be waived. If the event is co-sponsored by GIH the security fee will be charged to the second party.

5. Renting parties will be responsible for arranging catering services and equipment and will provide caterer's name and contact information.

6. Renting parties will request a particular furniture set-up in discussion with Glucksman Ireland House staff. Once the set-up is finalized renting parties must not move or in any way interfere with furniture or fixtures. The reception area may be used to display printed materials or for registration purposes. Renting parties may not attach illustrations or decorations to walls or surfaces. The cost of any damage to Glucksman Ireland House furniture, fixtures or décor will be billed to the NYU account provided.

7. Renting parties are responsible for general post-event clean up. Directions will be provided.

8. Glucksman Ireland House cannot be responsible for any items left after an event.

9. The upper floor of Glucksman Ireland House is strictly off-limits.

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