Glucksman Ireland House, NYU

Spring 2012 Events

Taste of the Yeats Summer School

Saturday, April 14th 2012 10am to 5pm

at Glucksman Ireland House NYU

A program evoking spirit of the school in Sligo with Professor James Pethica of Yale.

Every summer, aficionados of the poet William Butler Yeats come from all over the world to enjoy two weeks of lectures, readings and theater in Sligo, Ireland, and to tour nearby ”Yeats Country.” Here is an opportunity to sample the Yeats International Summer School for a day in New York. Along with a full day of programs, there will be information on the 53rd Yeats Summer School, in County Sligo.

Presented by the WB Yeats Society of New York in partnership with Glucksman Ireland House NYU.


Fill out, print, and send the form, along with a check, to WB Yeats Societyof NY, National Arts Club, 15 Gramercy Park South, NYC 10003 with your name,address, phone number, e-mail. Put the date on your calendar; your name will be on a registration list at the door.

Fees are $5 more at door.


9:30 am
Registration and refreshments
Opening remarks – Andrew McGowan, president of the WBYeats Society of NY.
"The Sligo Connection" Martin Enright (Yeats Society Sligo) explores "where the wandering water gushes from the hills above Glencar," tracing the Drumcliffe River from mountain to sea, interweaving a sense of place through mythology, archaeology, natural history and Yeats connections. Joyce Enright, also of the Sligo society, talks about the poet's mother's family—the Middletons and Pollexfens—with whom her children spent much time and by whom they were influenced.
"Yeats's 'Her Triumph': An Exploration of the Creative Process" Phillip L. Marcus (Cornell) considers the manuscripts of the poem and how they illuminate the meaning of the published poem and the process of artistic creation itself. Copies of some of the manuscript drafts will be distributed to illustrate points in the talk.
A reading by poet Anne-Marie Fyfe (John Hewitt International Summer School).
12:30 pm
Luncheon at Pour George, an Irish restaurant/pub at 35 West 8 Street, less than 5 minutes walk from Ireland House. You'll think you're in Ireland. All for $25 if reserved and paid by deadline.
Welcome back: James Pethica, director, talks about the 2012 Yeats International Summer School.
"Such Friends: the Influence of the Bedford Park Community and John Butler Yeats's Acquaintances There on His Poet Son" Lesser known than the power of Ben Bulben and Sligo folk tales is the influence on WBY of the utopian community in West London where his father brought up the family. C.L Dallat talks about this experience at the hub of a 19th century literary/artistic network.
"'One must be Master': Yeats's collaborations with George Moore" Often considered the first great modern Irish novelist and an influence on Joyce, Moore was introduced by his cousin Edward Martyn to Yeats. James Pethica talks about their collaboration the play Diarmuid and Grania.
The Rising of the Moon Prof. Pethica introduces a staged reading of this short play by Lady Gregory, completed in 1907. In this political play, she presents characters torn between duty to English rulers and patriotism to Ireland.
Social and a Summer School reunion. Wine and refreshments.