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Songs, Storytelling, and Shenanigans with Mick Moloney, Daniel Cassidy & Peter Quinn

, , , : a.m.

Monday, March 24th 2008 at 6:30pm
at Lolita Bar (266 Broome Street between Allen and Orchard Street)
presented by the Lower Eastside Tenement Museum
in association with Glucksman Ireland House NYU and the Irish Arts Center




Join the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, Glucksman Ireland House NYU, and the Irish Arts Center for an evening of songs and storytelling with Irish-American musician Mick Moloney and writer/historian/musician Daniel Cassidy. Moloney and his band will perform the music of vaudevillians Harrigan and Hart, while Cassidy discusses his book How the Irish Invented Slang, which is now in its fourth printing. Leading them in musical performance and lively conversation will be award-winning author Peter Quinn.

Mick Moloney is the foremost expert in 19th-century Irish-American music and teaches at Irish Studies and Music at NYU. He has recorded many Irish songs about the immigrant experience that will be used as an interactive feature in the Tenement Museum’s newest tour, the Moore Family Apartment, opening in June 2008.

Daniel Cassidy is the founder of the Irish Studies Program at New College in San Francisco. He is also a professional musician (at one time, he was the opening act for George Carlin) who has extensively researched Edward Harrigan, one half of the 19th century musical comedy duo Harrigan and Hart. How the Irish Invented Slang proves that US slang has its strongest wellsprings in nineteenth-century Irish America. "Jazz" and "poker," "sucker" and "scam" all derive from Irish. While demonstrating this, Cassidy traces the hidden history of how Ireland fashioned America not just linguistically but also through the Irish gambling underworld, urban street gangs, and the powerful political machines that grew out of them.

Peter Quinn, a third-generation New Yorker, is the author of Banished Children of Eve, which won the American Book Award. Looking for Jimmy: A Search for Irish America, out in paperback this February, examines Irish New Yorkers from Archbishop "Dagger John" Hughes to James Cagney.

Free admission.

For more information, contact the Lower East Side Tenement Museum at 212-982-8420 or